Monday, June 18, 2007

A Saturday Ride to Chesapeake City....

My husband works at home all week long. As a result, he gets the equivalent of "cabin fever" and he likes to take little rides on the weekend. So this weekend we were off to Chesapeake City, Maryland ~~ one of our favorite little haunts. The drive from our house, door to door, is a little over an hour and 1/2.

Chesapeake City is an old "canal town" and has plenty of charm, a few places to eat or get ice cream, there are lots of quaint little shops and B&Bs. It also has a marina, and one of our favorite restaurants, The Bayard House.

We sat outside at a table overlooking the canal and enjoyed our dinner and the view.

Later we walked around the park alongside the marina, and I went shopping. The stores stayed open late...I got lucky.

I found a hummingbird feeder that is very similar to Mary's.

Outside the shop, I spotted this pretty flower arrangement and it inspired me.

Then when I got home, I planted this pot with flowers of similar colors.......

All in all, it was a nice, relaxing day.


Monday, June 4, 2007

Springing into Summertime, and the living ain't easy.....

I've been blog-challenged this past week. Here's a bit of a whine...there is still so much outside work to be done, the weather's been sticky, hot and muggy...and my energy has hit an all time low. I'm feeling overwhelmed and tired. We've been having lots of powerful electrical storms, so loud, last Thursday night going on all night long...interfering with sleep.

Sunday we took a break and went on an garden tour. It spit rain on and off...but that didn't deter us. We met up with dear friends and ended up back at our house, sitting on the sunporch and listening to the rain on the roof. Later we all went out to dinner. It was nice to be with friends and not have to cook.

Back to the outside chores...our pond has been giving us problems...well not the pond, but the pump. It cuts off and stops working after awhile...we reset goes for a bit, and then stops again. The pump is way too powerful for the dinky little pond we have. It's more about the effect of moss-covered rocks and the waterfall than the actual pond. Though I'm sure the frogs living there would disagree. I love the sound of the waterfall, it is so soothing and I miss the sound with the pump not working. At night..with the windows open...that sound lulls me to sleep.

Here are some photos from the weekend garden tour......