Friday, April 4, 2008

Getaway Time Again....

It was time to return, for just a little while, to the sunshine and warmth of Florida.

After our winter, it was so good to see flowers blooming, feel the warmth and see the water again. While we were there, the weather was beautiful...

we had all the windows open 24/7...fresh air, bay breezes.

It was terrific for sleeping.

We saw our new kitchen and had fun organizing it, and putting everything back.

We also spent some time at the beach, unwinding, birdwatching, listening to the sounds of the waves, the gulls, looking for shells, drinking in the ocean air, visiting with old friends and just relaxing.

Sunsets from the lanai are always so pretty.

And time spent eating out at the Dry Dock Restaurant on Longboat Key is always a pleasure. Lots of fresh fish, fruit and Florida strawberries…..
While we were waiting to be served, a manatee swam past, but I missed the photo

Check out our dinner guests. These guys were waiting for handouts from the fishing boats. They were incredibly tame.

We're restored from our visit. Our time away went by so fast, but we’ll be back….soon.