Monday, August 6, 2007

More views from Fordhook Farm…….

Burpee Bouquet

I had such a hard time deciding which photos to post yesterday, so thought I’d add more today. Here for your viewing pleasure….

Secret Pathway

Hidden Pathway

Aug 07 196

A bit out-of-focus, but I couldn’t resist…….

Seed Barn

Antique Seed Barn

Purple Smoke Bush

Purple Smoke Bush – (I thought the foliage was so pretty)

Porch view 1

Side porch view

Shade Garden

A Carolina Shade Garden

Ligularia Dentata Othello

Ligularia Dentata Othello (for MaryPat)


Mary said...

Ahhh...those roses and hidden pathway made my day. It looks like a fairytale. You should visit there in the fall, too!

Thanks for sharing, Dorothy.

See? I knew you would love Flickr! It's so easy and it was my pleasure to help. Your photos are magnificent.

Susie said...

Hi Dorothy,
I've enjoyed looking through all your beautiful photos. I just can't choose a favorite. You live in such gorgeous surroundings!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dorothy, what a marvelous place, and I am happy that you thought of me when you saw the liguaria plant! Isn't it a fantastic variety? I love mine, and I'm glad yours is doing so well too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dorothy,

Bumped into your blog and I saw many beautiful picture. It was wonderful to see all the pictures here.

I have a website about shade garden, would you mind to submit your shade garden photos? so my reader can see that too.

here is the link Shade garden photo

Thanks in advance