Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Thank goodness, God threw a switch on our heat and humidity and September has gifted us with cooler temps, low humidity, ……a bonus for sleeping with the windows open.

The blogging inspiration fairies abandoned me in August, which brought unexpected health and other problems with our pets, family, and two of my dearest friends. I've been shell-shocked and bereft until recently, when things are finally starting to look up.

And although we have not had weather as bad as Mary or Jayne have experienced, between the heat and my neglect this summer, our garden has not been the garden of which I'm usually so proud.

Being a gal who is descended from strong stock, determined to set aside the negatives and let nature do some healing - I worked outside in our gardens weeding and mulching, and worked on our waterfall fountain/pond. The sound of the waterfall does the trick. Nature heals.

This month we are celebrating our 27th anniversary. We gifted each other with bright red Kayaks and we're looking forward to spending more time out on the lake enjoying nature.

August did bring one very nice trip - a week in Florida with our granddaughter. She taught me how to text message, how to download and maniupulate files on an MP3 player, as well as some very cool sudoku tips. We enjoyed the beach, collecting shells, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, visits to the Mall and bookstore. A trip to Mote Aquarium on Longboat Key to see how dolphins and sea turtles are rehabilitated was one of the highlights of our time together.

I'm trusting that during September, things will continue to stay positive for everyone. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and I am so very thankful for answered prayers.


Susie said...

Sounds like that was a much needed vacation. Isn't it wonderful the neat things we can learn from our grandchildren!

Ruth Welter said...

Hey Dorothy, I've been wondering where you've been. I've been checking your blog every day to see if you might have posted. I'm very sorry to hear August was such a rough month for you. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary and I'm hoping that Sept will be a much happier month. All the best.

Mary said...

Glad you're back, Dorothy, and I'm glad August is behind you! What a month.

It's good to stay busy when things go awry. You do a good job. You had fun, too.

Enjoy your cool, September air. Jayne and I might have a break soon!

Naturegirl said...

Dorothy my garden does not show as well as previous years because we also lacked much needed rain! Along the way I also experienced grief with the passing of a beloved pet.
With Sept. finally here I also celebrate my 39th anniversary with my soulmate!!
Congratulations to you on your Anniversary and BTW my hubby would LoVe to own a kyak! hugs NG

Mary C said...

Hi Dorothy - thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always good to hear from you. Congrats on your anniversary. I like what you gifted each other. My DH kayaked in Alaska last month, for the very first time. And now he wants to purchase one before next year. I have never been kayaking, but I have heard folks tell me how fun it is. You'll have to do a couple of posts about your kayaking on the lake.

Jayne said...

I somehow missed this post Dorothy! Glad things are settling down, and yes, our weather is FINALLY starting to cool off, thank heavens!