Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Garden Tour is just the cure....

for the midwinter blues! It’s been awhile since I blogged, no excuses here…just that life managed to get in the way and blogging ended up on the back burner.

But the good news (I hope) is now I’m back!

Christmas was a blur this year, and look, here it is the end of January already.
Time just seems to fly past so quickly.

A cure for Winter blahs, for me, is a visit to Longwood Gardens.

Enjoy the pictures...

This one's for Mary. A Stinker...I's the only kind of Heron for you.

Why can't my Christmas Cactus look like this??


Mary said...

Welcome back, Dorothy! You have had a lot going on. I enjoyed reading about your remodeling plans. Turns you life upside down, doesn't it?

You are right. Longwood Gardens is a necessity to lift our tired spirits during the dullest two months of the year. Your photos brightened my morning.


Ruth Welter said...

Hi Dorothy, it is great to hear from you, I missed reading your blog. I keep checking back to see if you blogged recently. Glad to see you back again. Thanks for the tour of the garen, just gorgeous. That is definately the cure for the winter blues for sure.

I answered your question on my blog.

KGMom said...

Welcome back to blog land--I will have to put you back on my list to check!
Longwood Gardens would cure any winter blues.
WOW--how do they get the Christmas cactus to look like a fuzz ball?

nina said...

It's good to "see" you again!
And I appreciated the cheery pictures--I was thinking of doing the same.
White snow on white sky just looks COLD!

Mary C said...

Hi Dorothy - what lovely pictures and what a lovely "garden." It's been many, many years since I visited Longwood Gardens. I was a teenager the first time I visited, and then early 20s the second time. And unfortunately, I never saw what they had indoors. The gardens outdoors are also beautiful during the summer months. Those Christmas cacti are gorgeous - I'm jealous, mine never look that good. But then again, mine aren't that large. ;o) I loved seeing that tree with the beautiful red decorations, too. And those wreaths, wow!

velvet brick said...

Hi Dorothy,
Thanks for your comment and for stopping by! I am loving your blog and beautiful pictures!! What beauty! And yes! Don't we need a pocket-sized Susan Branch calendar?? She's such a sweet pea and I can't wait for all of her goodies!

(little note...I think you might want to double check the link for my blog...try this... it should have those three little w's in the addy...)

I'll be coming by again soon, Dorothy! And yeah to my fellow blogger! : )

SweetAnnee said...

I love your blog..
I'm off to read some more

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Anonymous said...

How I love Longwood Gardens. I am from Oklahoma so I never thought I would get to go. On my honeymoon, my husband surprised me with a trip there. Longwood is my favorite place in the USA. It ranks right up there with the monuments in D.C. and the museums. Thank you for a memory to take to bed.