Sunday, August 3, 2008

Welcome to the World - Miss Isabella Adelina

My brother Lee's first grandchild

Named after both of her grandmothers

Born on Friday, July 25, 2008
7 lbs. 8 ounces, 20-1/2 inches long.

Mother and Baby are doing just fine.


Kathleen said...

Congratulations to you all a new little one to love and treasure - There is nothing better - I am happy for you all -

Ruth Welter said...

Congrats to your brother and you Dorothy and the new arrival. Love her name!!


SweetAnnee said...

An absolutely adorable lil babe!
Welcome to the world Miss Rosebud!!

possumlady said...

Congratulations Dorothy! That first photo of her is just precious.

Pippa said...

Look at that smile! How cute!
Thanks for checking out my blog. Yeah Sian and I are friends - she is the one who actually got me into blogging. She's a gem.
Glad you like my idea for doing the EDM challenges :o)

Mary said...

Dorothy, congratulations on your new family member! I love the name, Isabella. I hope everyone is doing well...sorry I'm late visiting.

I haven't been reading blogs much this summer...too tired. By the way, did you know my Kodak EasyShare died? Very sad. I'm trying a new camera now.

Wish me luck!

Hayden said...

what a wonderful smile! congratulations!

SweetAnnee said...

Thank you thank you for your kind words today..they touched my heart!!
love, Deena

Mary said...

Dorothy, it was grrrreat to hear from you!

Ahem. Please let us know how Miss Isabella Adelina is and how you are? I wish you would change the name of your blog again to, "Life-Notes from a Bi-Weekly Blogger..."

How 'bout it?

Mary, struggling to keep her blog alive every day :o)

Naturegirl said...

A precious little bundle of JOY!

Mary said...

Dorothy, I hope your Christmas was Merry and 2009 brings you much joy.


Naturegirl said...

Such wonderful news Dorothy!!Such a precious bundle of joy!
Congrats to all!
Thank you for your sweet concern and comforting words on my recent post.hugs aNNa xo

Francine said...

Congratulations to all the family... What a happy little angel this is Dorothy you must be so happy and I'm sure your brother is over the moon...LOL!
Your other photos show what a loving family you have ... this is so precious...!

Francine xx

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Congratulations for having such a very cute and charming baby. She looks like and angel. God bless!!!