Thursday, May 17, 2007

Over the path and through the woods, on a lunch hour walk I'll go......

Lately I'm trying to get a little exercise on my lunch hour instead of sitting down for another hour just eating. I found the perfect place to to walk and take pictures of flowers and birds..a meandering pathway created as a bike path, which winds past meadows and along the edge of woods, runs alongside a creek for a bit, and out again into a residential neighborhood. It's about a mile and 1/4 long, and I never have time to walk all the way to the end and still get back to my desk without being late.

I discovered there are marshy areas with bluebird houses, and park benches along the way. Last week I discovered yellow wood violets and bluebells, flowers I've never seen up close and personal before, but I didn't have my camera to photograph them. I headed back there this week with my trowel in hand and was able to get the last of the bluebells and violets still blooming. At that point, my battery died~(sigh).

Here are some pictures of the path, which I think is pretty, and what treasures awaited me. Amazingly, few other people seem to use this path, at least it seems that way when I'm there at lunchtime.

~God of tiny tender things
a Valentine
a bird that sings
God of Bramble bush
and thorn
God of tree limb unadorned
Paint the barren, gray and drear
Then leave a promise
ever near...~

(thanks JJ...xoxo)


nina said...

What a beautiful path you have to get lost on--I might never return from lunch, I'm afraid!

KGMom said...

If I had such a lovely place to walk, I think I too would go walking over lunch.
Thanks for taking us along on your walk.

Body Soul Spirit said...

I walk in a peaceful area at lunchtime too, and have to take a watch with me as I lose track of the time so easily. (I don't usually wear a watch) Lovely photos!

LauraHinNJ said...

I have a place like that to visit during my lunch hour - lovely, but it makes it very hard to go back to my desk!

Mary said...

Dorothy, I'd go with you! It's so beautiful and I'm so thrilled to see water... Oh, it't lovely. You are lucky to have such a place.

Your photos are outstanding and the poetry is, too.

I have a place to walk on my lunch hour, but not as fine as yours. Keep showing us what you find.