Sunday, March 2, 2008

If this wall could talk.....

It would say, "thank you for painting me....FINALLY."

I found a new bedspread and had bought the wall paint to paint the wall behind my bed since last November. I've wanted to paint the design for ages. It finally all came together this weekend. Take a look..

Here's a close-up view.

I also put up new antique-lace curtains.

It's such a good more thing I can cross off my list of
things to do.


Mary said...


It's beautiful, Dorothy! The gold stenciling is beautiful. Hmmmm. You have me thinking....

Your bedroom has a cozy feel and I have always enjoyed lace curtains in the bedroom. Very Victorian and dreamy...

Good Job!


Dorothy said...

Hi's not a stencil. I hand painted it.
It took me about 4 hours to do it.

Thanks for your sweet comments!!!
I'm so glad to have that job finished though.


SweetAnnee said...

It is OH so LOVELY!!
I love the new curtains too..what a
restful place.

yummy..and you're so talented!!


Ruth Welter said...

Dorothy, it is just gorgeous!!! I think the reason it looks like a stencil in a way, is because you did such a fabulous job on it, it looks so perfect. It is just lovely.

Anonymous said...

OMG - D ... what a beautiful job you did !!! the design you "hand painted" matches the bedspread and looks absolutely awesome !!! it looks like a tranquil sanctuary ... Great Job!!!!
Love, K

SweetAnnee said...

Hi.Check my Singing Woods blog,
I've left something for you there.

Naturegirl said...

Good job! Looks so comfy and inviting!

Dorothy thank you for linking your friend to my blog..I do hope she introduces herself to me and gives me some tips on where to stop on route back home through her
"enchanting state" of New Mexico!!
We've always wanted to spend time there and now I know why after driving through it on route to AZ!!
Stay tuned for more images of this sunny state!! hugs NG

KGMom said...

Positively gorgeous.
It's so great when things come together through serendipity and hard work.

Hedgewitch said...

Wow! that's so beautiful :-)

Mary said...


Where are you? Dorothy?


Janie said...

Wanted to say...Prayers said for you, Hope coming your way for a very happy ending.